Industrial constructions and building houses

JSC „West Industrier“ ensures implementation of construction projects and installation works.

We carry out:
• general contracting works
• design, production, installation - full cycle of manufacturing of metal structures
• on-site works

1. Working with design offices: project analysis and 3-D design
2. Manufacturing of metal structures in compliance with EN1090, EN 3834, EN12944 standards
3. Cooperation with rolled steel manufacturers and metal trading companies
4. Calculation of resources required for project implementation
5. Calculation of deadlines and assessment of the effective output of equipment
6. Celection and application of professional corrosion protection systems
7. Recommendations for the selection and use of equipment for the manufacturing of metal structures

We offer project support by qualified personnel:
• control of execution at various stages,
• quality control,
• shipment schedule for the finished products,
• installation works.

We carry out contracting works on the Customer’s site under the guidance of certified specialists: welding engineer and quality inspector.

We provide qualified personnel to perform the following works:

Operators of shot-last machines;
CNC operators;
Operators for band saws, guillotine cutters and press cutters;
Plate-fitters/ assemblers of metal structures;

Concrete workers;
Stone masons;
Exterior and interior finishing specialists;
As well as staff for other types of operations.

JSC „West Industrier“ provides professional welding, insulation, isolation and other service as following:

Pipe fitting & equipment installation:
Welding with various procedures;
Equipment installation;
Mounting of fastening elements;
Support systems for cable line installation.

Insulation and coating of flat surfaces and pipes:
 Pipe isolation;
Fire insulation;
Thermal insulation;
Acoustic insulation;
Insulation of exhaust pipes;
Cladding works, metal sheet covering installation.

Electric installation:

Electric trail installation, renewal.

Installation of Ventilation systems: 
All ventilation systems, installation works.

Assembling and disassembling the scaffolding.