„West Industrier“ constantly take care of skill level for our permanent workers and also create the labor reserve, forming mainly from young people.

The direction related to manufacturing of metal structures is supervised by the welding engineer (IWE) and welding inspector (IWI-C).
All our new candidates undergo testing to check their theoretical knowledge, including the ability to read technical documentation.
To determine and improve practical skills, assignments include assembling and welding of samples in a specified way.

For this purpouse we have special training school, where new workers learn technological rules of profession by theoretical and practical ways. On top of that our permanent workers in the same our school periodically goes through refresher courses, where acquire the lessons, concerning the last modern innovations and development in the field of their profession.

For example on this video you can see the learning process for our insulators/cladding fitters for installation of insulation, fiber clothes, cladding on pipes and flat surfaces. Besides of Armaflex system the workers receive or update their skill for installation of fireproof/heat/acoustic insulation of surface and other pipes (including exhaust systems), interior, installation of floors/ceiling/walls, ventilation and etc.